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Are Chinese vehicles street legal?
Only the scooters are DOT legal. The ATV's and dirtbikes are not intended for public roads.
Can I purchase a Extended Service Contract for a Chinese vehicle?
A Flat Out Service Contact is availabel as part of the PowerWorks Package. This option is available only at the time of purchase. See PowerWorks package for more details
Do I have to title my Chinese ATV ?
Chinese ATV's just like all other brands of ATV's are required to be titled in the state of Indiana. We do admit that this may appear expensive and rediculous for such an inexpensive ATV but it is the law. This law was passed in early 2006 and has now become the norm. If you purchase the ATV from us we are required by law to title the ATV for you. This is why we charge a doc fee and title fee at the time of purchase.
Do the Chinese vehicles come with any warranty?
As the vehicle comes from the manufacturer, there is no warranty. We do understand that crate and shipping damage can be concealed, so we ask that you assembly the vehicle with 7 days of purchase to identify and resolve any damage beyond normal shipping scratches and shaffing. email pictures to to file a claim. In the event the claim is approved you will be required to bring the exchange part to the store. This implies that you are required to remove and replace the part. If you purchased a seperate warranty or sometimes called a service contract from us, then the answer is YES. The service contract is part of the PowerWorks package. The cost of the PowerWorks package will be clearly stated on you Buyers Order under the "Flat Out Warranty". Review the Flat Out Service Contract document for details and exclusions.
How can I restrict the speed of my ATV?
Almost all ATV's have a speed limiting adjustment screw on the throttle housing. Adjust the screw as necessary to allow more or limit the throttle. Some dirtbikes have this feature as well.
I am new to the powersports industry and the Chinese vehicles appear to be the same as the Japanese counterpart, how do they differ?
This can be best demonstrated by this "Comparison Chart" The chart compares the most popular ATV's & dirtbikes FIX THIS
If I purchase a Chinese vehicle without the PowerWorks package, can I still have Flat Out assembly the vehicle?
In the event you purchase a Chinese vehicle from us without a PowerWorks package or decide later that the assembly process is a little overwhelming, You can contact our Service Department for assembly services. 317-890-9110 Service The current rate is $199.00 for assembly (most chinese vehicles), this does not include shop supplies or oil, gas or a NGK spark plug (highly recommended)
Is there an age restriction for the Chinese vehicles ?
ATV's have age restrictions imposed by the CPSC, see the CPSC official web site for complete details Dirtbikes have no age restrictions Scooters only have the age restrictions imposed by local law, since they are street vehicles.
Why are Chinese Vehicles Inexpensive?
To begin with, we need to get a grip on the size of China’s domestic market. China’s population is huge — 1.3 billion people. That’s almost 20 percent of the world’s total population vs. the U.S.’s 300 million, 4 percent of the world’s population. There are 95 million motorcycles in use in China. With this kind of volume, it’s no wonder that the Chinese, at least temporarily have shifted their focus from the North American market, with its focus on big-bore, complex and expensive motorcycles to emerging countries whose demands in motorcycles are less burdensome. In some ways it’s like the Dollar Store vs. Nordstrom — what’s lost in high-end sales is more than made up for in volume, materials, labor and other elements that factor into the manufacturing of a motorcycle. At the same time, European and American OEs are either selling or trying to establish sales organizations in China. Recently it was reported by Bloomberg News that Harley-Davidson sold 268 motorcycles in China last year — not many, but with the growing affluence of the Chinese, and their penchant for high-end consumer goods, Harley-Davidson is planning to sell many more in the future. There are currently seven H-D stores in China and Harley plans to up that number to 28 by 2016. It seems to me that as demand for bigger displacement motorcycles grows in China, there will be pressure on domestic OEs to produce larger displacement, higher-end motorcycles for home consumption as well as export. Quoting the article in Ultimate Motorcycling, Zuo Zongshen, owner of the eponymous Zongshen Motorcycle company, “That we are not currently mass-producing high-performance machinery, does not mean we are not capable of doing so.” As the Chinese domestic market grows, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to produce products that match the needs and demands of European and American riders. Modern technology is easily transferable and the latest manufacturing processes are readily available to anyone who wants to adopt them. China will return to the U.S. market, only with products and the kind of product and dealer support that was missing in the first go-round. It’s just a matter of time. One major factor for the low priced vehicles coming from China is the government subsidy to produce transportation products. This alone can not contribute to low prices americans pay. It's simply a combination of currency exchange, low costs of production and subsidies paid by the Chinese government.
What is the PowerWorks package?
The PowerWorks package is package made up 3 components with an one choice component, all for $399 Flat Out Service Contract (i.e Warranty). Assembled by qualified technician, this includes optional assembly steps like valve clearance inspection, threadlock most bolts and carb adjustments. Upgraded essentials: engine oil, spark plug (NGK), Yuasa/Bikemaster quality battery. Options are: Youth helmet Spare parts package Bikemaster battery maintainer
If I purchase the Chinese vehicle on line, do I have to pay sales tax?
Like all on line business it depends on several factors. If you reside in Indiana and purchase from a Indiana merchant then YES. If you live outside Indiana and you have the vehicle shipped to you then NO. If you live outside Indiana and you pickup the vehicle yourself then YES. This is because the law states that the business transaction actually is taken place in Indiana, regardless that you may of have paid for it on line.
Is there a weight limit on the Chinese vehicles Flat Out offers?
All the Chinese vehicles have data plates on the vehicles that discloses the weight limits of each vehicle
My Chinese vehicle I purchased from Flat Out won't start or run properly, what should I do?
First check the basics. Does the vehicle have fresh fuel Does the vehicle have a fully charged battery if equipped Is the spark plug clean and not fouled If the answer is Yes to thse questions then you may have to have it repaired. If we sold the unit to you with a Flat Out Service Contract, please review the service contract for what is covered and what is not covered. You have up to 1 year of available service at your cost (after purchase date). After 1 year we may or may not accept your unit in for repairs at our sole descretion. All repair costs are the financial responsibility of the owner unless a seperate Flat Out Service Contract was purchased and is effect at the time of the covered repair. If you purchased a Chinese vehicle from another dealer that happens to be the same make and models that we sell, contact our Service Manager at 317-890-9110 and he will be able to address you question at that time. You can also submit a ticket on this Help desk as well.