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Sell Your Ride

Sell Your Ride

Our Sell Your Ride Program offers fair prices for your vehicle & we will work with Your lien holder to provide a safe, secure, confidential, and hassle-free transaction.

FREE & fast pickups within 3 hours of Martinsville or Indianapolis.

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Cruisers: 1996 - Today
Sport Bikes (No Buell): 2000 - Today
PWCs (No Polaris): 2000 - Today
ATV/Utility: 2002 - Today
ATV/Sport: 2005 - Today
Dirt Bikes: 2006 - Today
We will consider buying vehicles up to 25 years old.

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A Little About Us

Flat Out Motorcycles is located in Indianapolis, Indiana since 1997. We are a multi-line new & used dealer for brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Sea-Doo, Arctic Cat, Kymco and E-TON. We purchase 100s of vehicles a year from people just like yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Flat Out pay my loan off and ensure the lien is satisfied?
Yes, Flat Out is required to have the title in order to sell your vehicle.
What if I owe the lien holder more than I am willing to sell the vehicle to Flat Out for, how does the loan get satisfied?
Flat Out will collect the difference between payoff and agreed upon selling price from the seller, once collected, Flat Out will send the funds to the lien holder to satisfy the loan.
What if the vehicle has an extended warranty on the vehicle?
Some vehicles warranties can be cancelled and taken in consideration at the time of the sale, some warranties can not be cancelled and will go with the vehicle to the next owner.
What if I bring the vehicle to Flat Out, will I get a credit for the convenience?
No, but the sales transaction will be expedited if this method is implemented.
If there are 2 signatures required to release the title, will both parties need to be present in order for Flat Out to complete the sale?
Yes, but sometimes we can use "power of attorney" forms.
What if I never titled the vehicle and it's open title, will Flat Out still buy the unit?
Yes, but contingent upon Flat Out verifying that the seller signed the title.
If my off-road vehicle is newer than 2007 and I don't have a title in my name, will Flat Out consider buying my vehicle?
We will still consider buying it, But we must still get a title before we can sell the vehicle.
If I can't sell my vehicle to Flat Out for the quoted price, will Flat Out consider selling my vehicle on consignment?
Yes, we will generally take most consignments. Consignment sales will generally get the seller more money for their vehicle than selling to Flat Out. Remember, consignment sales can in some cases take a long time and their can be costs involved in the event the vehicle doesn't ever sell.

Question not listed above? Contact us and we would be happy to answer it.